Stories from the Grave

Whether you are a history buff, love sculpture, intriguing cemetery symbolism, or just want to enjoy the peaceful parklike atmosphere a visit to Green Bay’s cemeteries is a pleasure. Take one of our guided tours (see events) or join us here every other week to unlock some of the stories behind the stones.

It’s like stepping back in time as we bring to life the legacy of those long gone.

Harold Loch: 1919-2004

Posted April 12, 2021
  Harold Loch was born on November 29, 1919 in Denmark, WI. Up until the implementation of Prohibition his father was a

Anne Martin: 1846-1862

Posted March 23, 2021
It started with a sore throat, “Just a cold,” I thought. “I probably picked it up from one of my

Carl Manthey: 1851-1943

Posted February 9, 2021
When you visit the cemeteries in Northeast Wisconsin, you may have seen some of my work.  I am Carl Manthey,

Morris Waldo: 1829-1902

Posted December 29, 2020
If you walk through Section B at Fort Howard cemetery, you will see a family headstone with “Waldo” on one