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Harold Loch: 1919-2004

Posted April 12, 2021
  Harold Loch was born on November 29, 1919 in Denmark, WI. Up until the implementation of Prohibition his father was a

Anne Martin: 1846-1862

Posted March 23, 2021
It started with a sore throat, “Just a cold,” I thought. “I probably picked it up from one of my

Carl Manthey: 1851-1943

Posted February 9, 2021
When you visit the cemeteries in Northeast Wisconsin, you may have seen some of my work.  I am Carl Manthey,

Morris Waldo: 1829-1902

Posted December 29, 2020
If you walk through Section B at Fort Howard cemetery, you will see a family headstone with “Waldo” on one