Aldo Leopold School, Green Bay

The original St. Joseph’s Academy high school building in Green Bay has since been surrounded by a 1960s wing to the east and a 1970s gymnasium to the southwest. More recent construction started with a modern Phase 1 addition to the south. Phase 2 plans call for demolition of the original building to make room for more new construction on the crowded site. Photo Courtesy of Jeanne Biebel

Fort Howard Guard House

This house is believed to be the original Guardhouse of the Fort Howard military complex, built around 1833 and moved to this near west side neighborhood in the 1870s. More recently a rental apartment, it had fallen into such a poor state of repair that it was recently issued a “Raze or Repair” order from the City. Once the building’s legacy came to light, the order was deferred until a preservation plan could be developed. In October 2009, the City of Green Bay approved funding, and the building was moved to Heritage Hill for secure storage. The Fort Howard Guardhouse has been fully restored and opened for tours at Heritage Hill State Historical Park in July of 2015. Photo of Guardhouse restoration provided by Heritage Hill State Historical Park.

Jean Nicolet Statue, Red Banks

With the relocation of Highway 57, the Jean Nicolet statue and rest stop had become orphaned from the road. With its proximity to the Niagara Escarpment natural area, the DOT and DNR wanted to move the statue to a location more accessible to the public. In the Summer of 2009, the statue and stone landscaping were relocated to its new home at Wequiock Falls County Park.

Lock tender’s House, De Pere

The Locktender’s house on Government Island in the Fox River, served as the residence for the De Pere Dam lock tender. The Locktender’s House reopened in 2014.

In a true cooperative effort, many organizations were involved in saving the Locktender’s House, including Fox River Navigational System Authority, The De Pere Historic Preservation Commission, and the City of De Pere.

The 3 Dam Guys restored this historic building, which now houses their offices and a conference space on the second floor. The first floor of the Locktender’s House is home to a seasonal cafe and ice cream shop operated by Alex and Linda Galt. Vintage photo courtesy of the De Pere Historical Society.

St. John the Baptist Church, Howard

When the St. John the Baptist parish in Howard recently built a new church, there was concern for the future of the original 1914 church building, particularly given its location on a prime commercial lot on a busy Howard intersection. Current plans, however, are for the building to be put to a modern use, possibly as a community center or a museum.